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Alejandro Lopez, MSW

My Name is Alejandro Lopez. I am a clinical therapist/mental health counselor. I earned a master’s degree in Social Work, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and have 7 years’ experience in therapy. One of my main passions in life is helping people. I aid people better their quality of life through the field of therapy/counseling. I specialize in providing individual therapy sessions and conducting group sessions.

My compassionate/listening skills, caring, and a good sense of humor allow me to build rapport quickly with others. I create an environment where clients are safe to speak freely without fear of being judged or negatively criticized. I specialize in guiding clients to identify coping skills to manage and reduce their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. By having extensive skills in motivational interviewing, I have been able to aid clients with substance abuse issues. I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and client-centered therapy as primary modalities in treatment. I personally believe that all clients have strengths and with assistance, can use those strengths to minimize their weaknesses and achieve any goal they desire.

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